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Industry user case

Be inspired by previous industry users and get an opportunity to ask direct questions about your own project to the infrastructure and industry representatives. 

Big Pharma, SMEs and small start ups all use research infrastructure expertise and technology to study, improve and develop different products.

InfraLife have gathered cases exemplifying this use and collaborations from companies in areas such as drug discovery and development, diagnostics, BioTech and MedTech. These cases be found on the webpage.

The outreach webinars are a way to further communicate these cases to inspire additional project ideas and to give an opportunity to directly ask questions to the infrastructure and industry representatives.

Below is a preliminary schedule for the webinars.

Drug discovey & development

Drug discovery & development possibilities for industry at SciLifeLab NMR unit and MAX IV BioMAX beamline

Date: January 25, 2024

The BioMAX beamline in drug discovery &development. Ana Gonzalez (MAX IV BioMAX beamline,

Leveraging X-ray crystallographic data through advanced infrastructures. Björn Walse (CEO, SARomics Biostructures,

Ana Gonzalez
Björn Walse

SciLifeLab NMR unit in drug discovery & development. Cecilia Persson (ISB Platform coordinator, SciLifeLab NMR Centre,

Quality testing of biosimilars using NMR. Carl Diehl (Manager of NMR Services, SARomics Biostructures,

Cecilia Persson
Carl Diehl