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Workshops and Seminars

InfraLife aims at gathering stakeholders across sectors with the goal to spur new cross-sectorial collaborations. As a part of this work, InfraLife is organizing challenge-driven and technology-driven workshops, seminars and dialogues focusing around a certain biological/medical issue or a certain technology or method. The goal is to allow researchers from different sectors to meet, and to learn more about the potential of the research infrastructures as well as how the available techniques can help address specific research questions and be a part of the solution to the research challenge at hand.

At this page, you can see some of the activities that falls within the “Workshops and Seminars” category organized by InfraLife.

The first InfraLife exchange dialogue took place during the spring of 2022 and gathered stakeholders within fragment screening from SciLifeLab and MAX IV, with the aim to create new networks and collaborations. The following topics were dealt with:

  • FragMAX – BioMAX Fragment Screening platform at MAX IV
  • Fragment screening at the Swedish NMR Centre
  • In silico fragment screening and optimization in ultra-large chemical space
  • The SciLifeLab Chemical Biology Consortium Sweden CBCS and the Drug Discovery and Development platform

On November 12 2021, InfraLife, together with partner organization Lif, organized a joint webinar on how the SciLifeLab, MAX IV and ESS can contribute to drug discovery and development.

On June 2 2021, The first InfraLife workshop gathered stakeholders in the field of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) for a joint discussion.