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Workshops and Seminars

InfraLife aims at gathering stakeholders across sectors with the goal to spur new cross-sectorial collaborations. As a part of this work, InfraLife is organizing challenge-driven and technology-driven workshops focusing around a certain biological/medical issue or a certain technology or method. The goal is to allow researchers from different sectors to meet, and to learn more about the potential of the research infrastructures as well as how the available techniques can help address specific research questions and be a part of the solution to the research challenge at hand.

Education and Training

One of the aims of InfraLife is to increase the knowledge about the three research infrastructures ESS, MAX IV and SciLifeLab through tailored information and educational activities targeted at researchers within academia, health care and industry. In addition to new cross-sectorial educational and training activities, the goal is to open up existing courses to broader audiences and participation for external participants will be facilitated.

For more information about current educational and/or training activities organized by InfraLife or any of our partners, please click on the buttons below.


To illustrate possibilities and highlight some of our initiatives we produce descriptive cases, interviews or debate articles.

Have you or your company used one or two of the infrastructures SciLifeLab, MAX IV, similar methods elsewhere or neutron resources. We are always happy to hear more about it!

Upcoming activities

Workshops and webinars will be followed up by activities to focus and expand initiatives of relevance identified during initial discussions such as the importance of case descriptions and explicit accessibility.

We focus on antimicrobial resistance, drug discovery, lifestyle diseases and life sciences beyond human health including environmental challenges.

Get involved

We would love to hear from you and learn about the scientific questions and challenges of particular interest, where you would like to get engaged to jointly explore the potential of the national research infrastructures. Or perhaps you have an idea for a course that would suit the scope of the InfraLife initiative? We invite all interested to reach out and be in touch if you want to hear more and see potential to get involved in activities!