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Industry case webinar on drug discovery

“How SciLifeLab and MAX IV collaborated with SARomics Biostructures in drug discovery projects”

InfraLife hosted its first Industry user case outreach webinar where participants could learn first-hand from industry and infrastructure experts about how these facilities can be used for their drug discovery and development needs. 

In January, 52 participants joined the webinar to hear InfraLife give with an introduction to the project and an overview of MAX IVSciLifeLab and ESS. InfraLife’s partners, the industry organizations SwedenBIO and Lif, highlighted the importance of the pharmaceutical industry in Sweden and how those from academia, SMEs and large companies can benefit from the use of large-scale research infrastructures in their R&D.

Ana Gonzalez (MAX IV) explained how the BioMAX and MicroMAX beamlines use X-ray crystallography to identity and characterize targets and study ligand interactions, which are necessary in drug discovery and development. Additionally, the FragMAX platform was presented for fragment-based drug discovery where the full pipeline from sample preparation to data analysis is open for industry and academic users. 

Cecilia Persson (SciLifeLab) presented the Swedish NMR centre (SNC) and how it can be used for fragment-based screening, ligand detection and protein detected fragment interaction within drug discovery and development. SNC also interacts closely with the Chemical Biology Consortium Sweden (CBCS), another of SciLifeLab’s units. 

Björn Walse (CEO) and Carl Diehl (Senior Scientist, Manager NMR Services, IT Manager) of SARomics Biostructuresshowed examples of how their company has used both BioMAX and NMR for their structural biology and structure-based drug discovery services. SARomics Biostructures is a CRO providing both services and expertise for those in academia and industry while utilizing the facilities of large-scale research infrastructures. 

A recording of the webinar and slides from the presentations are available here. If you are interested in knowing how other companies have used MAX IV, SciLifeLab and ESS, make sure to check out our Industry cases and stayed tuned on our LinkedIn page for future Industry user case outreach webinars.