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InfraLife visit to the Lund Protein Production platform-LP3.

Lund Protein Production Platform (LP3) is a platform that has relevance and ties to all 3 of the infrastructures in InfraLife. In March, InfraLife Project Coordinator, Claire Lyons, met with Wolfgang Knecht, Manager of LP3 to learn more about LP3, have a tour of their facility and find out about the role they play in life science research.

LP3 is part of the national infrastructure, Protein Production Sweden, with LP3 having a focus on protein expression in insect cells. PPS often provides proteins for some of the units of SciLifeLab, including the Swedish NMR centre. On a more local level, LP3 is one of the local core facilities for SciLifeLab Lund and often meets with the unit leads in Lund. Not only does LP3 produce and purify proteins that they later use at BioMAX in MAX IV to determine the structure, but they also host part of the fragment screening platform FragMAX. When it comes to ESS, the Deuteration and Macromolecular Crystallisation (DEMAX) facility is located at LP3, which is required for neutron experiments. In this sense, they provide a gateway module for accessing other research facilities. 

LP3 offers services, equipment, and training to researchers from academia, industry, and healthcare with respect to recombinant protein production, crystallisation, biophysical characterisation, and structure determination. As you can see from the selection of pictures, they have a wide range of equipment to carry out these tasks. On both the LP3 and PPS websites, you will find more information about to how to apply to access the facilities and the associated user fees. 

Claire and Wolfgang discussed topics such as the use of infrastructures in Life science research, the importance of having in house expertise, and how best to conduct outreach and inform the relevant audiences about the benefits of using infrastructure. 

Find out more about LP3 and PPS on their respective websites or reach out to InfraLife if you would like to know more.