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ESS and MAX IV tour and mingle

The group in from of European Spallation Source (ESS).

InfraLife happily hosted SciLifeLab members from all over Sweden at ESS and MAX IV. The delegation got to see the infrastructures from the inside, learn about their potential in life science research and connect with one another. 

The program included a tour of European Spallation Source in full PPE, a tour of MAX IV and a mingle in the lovely MAX IV lunch room where ESS director of science Giovanna Fragneto and MAX IV director of life science Marjolein Thunnissen presented the potential of the research infrastructures with interesting cases and examples.

SciLifeLab was represented by leadership, Sites, Capabilities, Data center, Training hub, Operations Office and infrastructure.

Thank you all tour guides at ESS, Esko Oksanen, Carina Lobley, Giovanna Fragneto and at MAX IV, Marc Obiols, Olof “Charlie” Karis, Magnus Larsson, Thomas Ursby and Heidi La Grasta.

Read SciLifeLab news here: “SciLifeLab visits ESS and MAX IV”, Oct 4 2023.

Esko Oksanen describes ESS and the safety requirements for the tour.
Walk towards the top of the ESS accelerator.
Marc Obiols describing MAX IV set up.
InfraLife project and steering group members together with directors of ESS, MAX IV and SciLifeLab.
Heidi La Grasta explaining MAX IV.
Carina Lobley and group in the ESS experiment hall.
Networking in the ESS foajé.
Giovanna Fragneto explaining ESS.
Thomas Ursby showing MicroMAX.
Magnus Larsson introducing MAX IV.
Marjolein Thunnissen explaining the CoSAXS beamline at MAX IV.