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InfraLife presenting at Integrated Structural Biology workshop

The integrated structural biology pipeline, intro slide at workshop.

August 23-24th 2023

This workshop initiative sprung out of the earlier InfraLife Integrative structural biology course and is a collaborative effort to continuously present integrative structural biology possibilities at research infrastructures in Sweden.

No technique alone can provide a full insight into a biological problem. Thus an integrated approach where different techniques are combined is often necessary. For a structural biology project, there is a pipeline starting with the gene and the end goal information is how and where the encoded protein functions or interacts with the surround. The aim from the different infrastructures presenting at the workshop is to jointly be a partner along the whole way, from gene to final answer. 

InfraLife coordinator Claire Lyons presented at the online workshop

The InfraLife presentation included information about the InfraLife initiative and team, general information about the infrastructures SciLifeLab, ESS and MAX IV as well as a reminder of the specific structural biology methods available.
We also talked briefly on access to infrastructures, the collection of user cases we assemble and upcoming activities that might be of interest./ Claire Lyons
Download full presentation below.

The workshop was a great opportunity to learn more about the latest cutting-edge techniques available at different research infrastructures in Sweden. Open to everyone, including  academia, industry and healthcare researchers. 

Topics in the workshop: #proteinproduction#proteincharacterization#NMR#Structuralproteomics#alphafold#CryoEM#Xraycrystallization and #neutronspallation.

Speakers: Cecilia PerssonWolfgang KnechtDean DerbyshireMaria Sunnerhagen, @Simon Ekström, Lotta Happonen, @Tobias Sparrman, @marta Carroni, Michael HallEsko OksanenThomas UrsbyClaudio MirabelloClaire L LyonsJosefin Lundgren Gawell

Research infrastructures: Protein Production Sweden (PPS)The ProLInC facilitySciLifeLabMAX IV LaboratoryEuropean Spallation Source ERIC

Are you interested in using a research infrastructure, but not sure where to go or who to talk to?