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Exchange dialogues –

To promote collaboration and development

The InfraLife “exchange dialogue” format is informal, short, online meetings where infrastructure representatives from MAX IV, SciLifeLab and ESS can get up to date with the latest possibilities at the respective sites and discuss future collaborations and synergies to push development of research infrastructure.

InfraLife exchange dialogues emerged from an interest to share knowledge between the infrastructures in different areas. The idea with exchange dialogues is to share knowledge and to inspire new collaborations between the infrastructures. This can initiate joint applications for funding, possibilities to refer clients to each other, joint stakeholder identification and larger outreach events to communicate a joint offer to researchers in academia, industry or healthcare.  

InfraLife aims to continue to use this exchange dialogue model on several topics joining the three large infrastructures that are partners in the project.

Do you want to take part in the upcoming exchange dialogue or have a suggestion for future sessions? Contact us!

In December 2023, InfraLife arranged an exchange dialogue on Data Management. In this meeting, representatives from Data, IT and Software management met and discussed organisational and structural set up of data handling and other initiatives concerning data sharing, FAIR and Open data. The respective infrastructures SciLifeLab, ESS and MAX IV were represented in the meeting. Possible joint initiatives and future collaboration was also explored.

During the spring of 2023, InfraLife will arrange exchange dialogues on Imaging. There are several state-of-the-art opportunities within imaging at the three infrastructures. Several beamlines at MAX IV offer techniques relevant for imaging, such as tomography and X-ray fluorescence. Once ESS is up and running, there will also be several beamlines offering imaging using neutrons. At SciLifeLab there are a number of units offering imaging techniques, e.g., Advanced Light Microscopy, Advanced FISH Technologies and Cryo EM.

Participants in the InfraLife Exchange dialogue on “Fragment screening”

The first InfraLife exchange dialogue took place during the spring of 2022, and had the theme “Fragment screening”. This dialogue gathered different stakeholders from institutions such as Uppsala University, Umeå University, SciLifeLab and MAX IV.

Do you want to take part in upcoming meetings or have a suggestion for future sessions?